Seldin’s Star Is Rising

Cletus Seldin put on a show this past weekend in front of his hometown crowd in Long Island, New York in destroying Roberto Ortiz. Seldin displayed his hammer of a right hand that he threw both straight as well as looping. There is an “Old School” quality to Seldin. His low squatting stance and his lead power shots, that dents his opponents every time it lands. It reminds fight fans of old school legends like Marciano and fellow New Yorker Jake Lamotta.

seldin-ortiz-fight (2)

The “Hebrew Hammer” looked fantastic in taking apart a tough Mexican in Roberto Ortiz and basically making him surrender. Ortiz, who by the way has a few quality wins over decent opponents and his only other loss was to a prime Lucas Matthysse.


Seldin is already 31, and ready for a major step-up. With his unique throw back style and being a Jewish kid from New York,  the Nassau Coliseum can become his home. The way that Arturo Gatti made Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City his home court. How high can Seldin’s star rise? That is yet to be determined but in a wide open Jr Welterweight division , that’s been completely vacated and left open for grabs by Bud Crawford. The hard hittin’ New Yorker could spell trouble for anyone in the weight class. A clash with John Molina Jr or a slug fest with Jose Carlos Ramirez, would be viewer friendly all action fights. There’s an all action Arturo Gatti or Mickey Ward type of quality to The “Hebrew Hammer” win or lose he is going give you an entering fight and be able to draw a crowd and keep that crowd coming back to his home court of the Nassau Coliseum over and over again.

cletus-seldin (80)

Interestingly, Seldin grew up just a few miles away from Light Heavyweight contender Joe Smith Jr, who burst onto the scene in 2016 with sensational KO’s over Fonfara and legendary Bernard Hopkins. While both fighters are exactly similar in their demolishing power. Smith Jr, relies  solely on trying to land and setting up his right hand. There is a lot more to the “Hebrew Hammer” than just his hammering right hand. Despite his short stocky frame, Seldin is a very good athlete, he sports good head movement, has good foot work and can deliver the right hand from a variety of angels, he is surprisingly mobile from his crouching stance.


If Seldin can claim a world title is still unknown. However, he does have an underrated skill set and the style and ability to move tickets. 2018 can be a huge breakthrough year for him and an exciting year for fight fans and his Long Island fan base. Seldin can bring a lot of excitement to fight fans and what is a rather sleepy  140 pound division if he can start to get some big fights, the fights he deserves.

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