How Danny Swift Garcia Can Rebuild:

Danny “Swift Garcia’s best days could still be ahead of him. There was a time, not long ago, when Danny fought everyone, put on good action fights. He was a Philly fighter, he didn’t cherry pick opponents. He was building a resume, building a name for himself and reeking havoc on the Jr Welterweight division. He beat guys like Khan, Peterson, Matthysse and super Judea. He also upset quality opponents like Kendall Holt and Ashley Theophane early on in his career. These were the days he was still known as “Swift” Garcia not “Cherry” Garcia. Before he turned down fights and fought nobodies for no reason. Garcia is now reluctant to sign a fight with Brandon Rios. No disrespect to Bam Bam, but that’s a different level. If he is unwilling to take a Rios fight, is he unwilling to fight altogether?


The sum was always greater then the parts with Garcia. The power was good, not great, the body attack was good not great, the speed was good not great. the defensive ability and skill set left something to be desired. Their were certainly better athletes than Danny Garcia. But at 140 pounds it was always just enough to get the job done. Swift constantly rose to the level of his competition. He has a special relationship with his dad Angel, who gets the most out of his boy and he was able to get Danny to put together one of the most impressive Jr Welterweight resumes in recent history. With that success at 140 comes the natural and unnecessary move to 147.


The Welterweight division has especially in recent history been a glamour division and money division. De La Hoya, Mayweather, Mosley, Cotto, Pacquiao, Tito Trinidad all cleaned up and got rich and famous in this division. It is a star making division! Swift, has numerous big wins at 140. Please tell me his best win at Welterweight? His move to Welterweight has earned him his nickname “Cherry” Garcia. For years of hand picking and avoiding top notch opponents. Sure he fought Thurman and accounted OK for himself. But, he lost a competitive fight, he clearly lost. Now he doesn’t want to fight Porter, he doesn’t want anything to do with Spence, he wont sign on the line that is dotted to fight Bam Bam, and even a guy like Diego Chavez, who is a massively strong welterweight could breakdown a smaller guy like Garcia. So Danny’s days of being a P4P guy and at the top of the weight class are over right? Wrong! Moving to 147 is and ego play and a money move. Swift can make 140


Danny Garcia can be a big strong 140 pounder and without a dominant force in the division he can be the man again. He will be the A-side, he can call fighters out. 140 is a weight division just like any other it isn’t a stepping stone, it’s not the Welterweights redheaded little step brother. There’s been lots of great fights and fighters in that division, some of the greatest of all-time. Gatti/Ward, Chavez/Taylor, Rios/Alvarado, Pryor/Arguello, Tszyu/Hatton, Benitez/ Cervantes. The careers of great fighters like Judah and Hatton would have been better had they stayed at 140. It worked for Pryor and it worked for Kostya Tszyu. There is nothing that says if you are wildly successful at 40 you have to go up to 47. If you are a natural 140 pounder. If you can make the weight, if you feel comfortable there. Fight your whole career there, fight all comers duck no one and be the best Jr Welterweight Champion of the World.The money fights will come, Danny is a Philly fighter and can sell tickets in both the Barclays and in Philly has a natural Puerto Rican fan base.


At 147 Garcia isn’t a huge puncher, nor does he have the fastest hands or is he the most agile nor does he have the most advanced defensive skills nor does he throws the most crisp combinations or have the most ferocious body attack. He is also a bit small for the weight class. The sum has always been greater than the parts. If you move him back down to 140 and give him a functioning size and strength advantage he becomes even more dangerous. Still in his 20’s, Swift Garcia can rejuvenate his career regain his pound for pound ranking and build a legacy as an all time great Jr. Welterweight. There are certainly some money fights for Garcia at Jr Welter, an all-Garcia match-up against Mikey Garcia would be a hot fight. Garcia Vs Broner would have a lot of luster to it. Lipinets looked great in his last fight. He could fight hard hitting NY knockout artist Cletus Seldin in Brooklyn that would for sure be a money maker. He could go over to the UK and fight Jack Catterall and Josh Taylor, two unbeaten British prospects. There are also three big time American prospects waiting in the wings; Jose Zepeda, Regis Prograis and Mario Barrios. The point if you stay and take out all comers in your weight class the big money fights will present themselves. If you are a natural 140 pounders there’s nothing wrong with staying in that weight class fighting the best guys at your own size and dominating one weight class for your entire career and that’s how Swift can save his career and his legacy.

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