Are Joshua & Hearn Being Forced Into A Wilder Fight?

The Gauntlet has been tossed. The challenge has been made. The trash has been talked. Homeboy asked the heavyweight champion of the world if he was going to take the fight or if he is still going to squat when he pees. Eddie Hearn, AJ’s promoter tried to return fire by standing outside in New York City just days after Wilder fought there, and asked passerby’s who Deontay Wilder is, to prove that wilder is unknown in his home country and making the WBC champ look irrelevant.


Eddie Hearn, the promoter of Anthony Joshua does have a point, Wilder draws a few thousand in his home land and AJ sets record numbers in the UK. Joshua made about $20 million for his last fight while the Bronze Bomber earned about $1.5 million for his short work of Stiverne. However, Wilder is significant in the sense that he represents half of the hottest fight in boxing. He holds the green belt and Hearn may or may not be scared of him. Why wait? The time for this fight is now.


Ray Robinson loss to LaMotta, Pacquiao loss to Morales. But they took the fight, and loosing the fight didn’t tarnish their legacy, as a matter fact it set up rematches and trilogies and so on and so forth, it ended up building their legacies. Hearn said in an ideal world this fight would happen in 12-18 months, but why?

Boxers in Action

Joshua is the A-side no doubt about it, Wilder as the B-side couldn’t possibly have looked any better then he did in his last fight. A first round knockout of Stiverne in which he knocked his challenger down three times and avoided being hit a single time. As the B-side Wilder needs to accept the short end of the money. If the fight generates $50 million Wilder should gladly take $10 million and cash in on the rematch clause. If Wilder wins, which he is supremely confident he will, take your career high payday and then realistically triple that when AJ exercises his right to a rematch. Wilder got 1.5 for his last fight 10 is an astronomical pay raise. Additionally, there isn’t another fight out there that is going to pay Wilder half that amount. Plus Wilder has already agreed to the tough part fighting in AJ’s backyard and giving Joshua the home game. Agreeing to $10 mill should be a no brainer for Wilder.


This fight represent a rebirth of the heavyweight division. A fight between two top notch fighters. Two legit KO artists in their primes who aren’t in their 40’s or nearing that age. With the winning assuming the role of the face of the sport. A fight that could set up a rivalry for years to come. One that Holyfield/Lewis never produced.


Things got interesting on a recent airing of the radio show Tha Boxing Voice When Eddie Hearn addressed the rumors of ducking Wilder. Hearn went on to say that the fight could happen quicker than 12-18 months and that AJ wants to give the fans what the fans what  as well. He also addressed the rumors that Lou Dibella talked about. That Wilder had to fight Dillian Whyte first to get the Joshua fight. Hearn denied this. This lead to both The heavyweight Champ Deontay Wilder calling in and his manger Shelly Finkel calling in live settling who was ducking who, who had reached out to who and who wanted to make the fight, after the brief phone call that concluded with both Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury singing along to the song “I smell P word” Finkel and Hearn agreed to meet in New York when Hearn arrives this week, when his new high priced acquisition Daniel Jacobs is set to fight in Long Island. It looks like team Wilder is imposing its will and may be getting closer to landing this fight.

The time for this fight is now, no more tune ups no more mandatories, no more tune ups. No need for Wilder to fight Whyte or Ortiz or Breazeale and no need for AJ to fight Parker. This fight is red hot right now. A rematch and beyond can be made, both fighters can bounce back from a lose. Perhaps Team Wilder was able to apply the needed pressure at the right time and get their fight to happen.

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