Is Wilder Pricing Himself Out of The AJ Market

Anthony Joshua is one of the most popular and biggest draws in the sport, Deontay Wilder is not. So when Eddie Hearn, the promoter of Anthony Joshua came out and said that this fight is nowhere near a 50/50 split, it shouldn’t have come as a  surprise to me you, Wilder or anyone else.


Truth is AJ can sell out Wimbey or Football stadiums in the UK, Wilder will be fighting in a half-empty Barclays center in his next fight against  Bermane Stiverne. There aren’t a ton of big money fights out there for Wilder. That’s not the case for AJ.
joshua-klitschko-fight (45)
Hearn went on to say he thinks if this fight could generate $50 million Wilder should take $10 mil and leave $40 mill for AJ.  This sounds ridiculous as it’s possible that Wilder who is an undefeated American Heavyweight Champ. But if he gets offered anywhere near $10 mill, he should absolutely jump at it. He was offered and signed for $5 million for Potvetkin, he won that money in the courtrooms after the fight fell apart due to a failed drug test. Aside from that their aren’t big money fights for Wilder.
As of right now, Mr. Hearn is correct. Fighters aren’t necessarily paid for their skill level. They are paid upon how many tickets and pay-per-views they can sell. AJ can sell more tickets and PPV’s in the UK than anyone in boxing can sell anywhere rivaled only by Canelo. Deontay Wilder is a tremendous heavyweight, he cannot generate revenue like AJ can. It’s not even close. So Eddie hearn is on the money with that assessment. If wilder believes he can beat AJ, take the 10 now and cash in on the huge money in the rematch. Wilder definitely believes he can win, but it’s not even a gamble because he isn’t being offered even half that anywhere else.  He would have to fight 3-4 other fights to get anywhere near that number. So even if he lost its worth it financially.  If he wins, which make no doubt about it the 38-0 with 37 knockouts can knockout Anthony Joshua, if he should pull the upset, he will be the first legitimate undisputed American Heavyweight Champion since Evander Holyfield almost 20 years ago. When the legitimate heavyweight champion of the world is an American he is the envy of the American sports world. That’s what is on the table for Deontay Wilder.
Tuscaloosa, Alabama has become title town, for college football, as the Alabama Crimson Tide are time and again crowned champion of the College Football World. Taking this tiny, sleepy town in Northern Alabama and making it a name brand, synonymous with winning. Deontay Wilder, still relatively young and in his prime, can make T-Town truly a city of Champions and make it synonymous with another type of Champion the Heavyweight Champion of the world. The downside for Wilder is he loses and gets the biggest payday of his career, by a margin of about 100% bigger than anything else out there.  The upside is he gets the biggest payday, wins, then triples that payday then is the face of American Sports and the legitimate heavyweight champ of the world. The risk is definitely worth the reward here for “The Bronze Bomber”

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