Is It Getting Late Early For Tank Davis?

Gervonta “Tank” Davis at only  22 years old has already won a major world title and successfully defended it on a different continent and sports a perfect record of 19-0(18). Quite an accomplishment at such a young age. He has once considered perhaps the best prospect in all of boxing, and the heir-apparent to Floyd Mayweather. He featured the perfect combination of power and speed. He avoids shots with elusiveness and counters them with thudding two-fisted power.  He was a tremendously large and strong Junior Lightweight that has the ability to move up the weight classes and capture multiple straps and move in seamlessly as the face of the sport. But, one major question arises, are Tanks best days behind him?

Five months ago Davis had just defended his 130 Pound IBF strap in the UK  in dominant fashion against the highly touted Liam Walsh, knocking him out in just three rounds, begging boxing fans to pair him up with Vasyl Lomanchenko in a 130-pound unification mega fight. Since then Tank was given a layup on the biggest stage possible, a showcase fight on the Mayweather/McGregor undercard. Tank opted not to make weight, missed weight badly, surrendered his  IBF title on the scales and that was the good news. As for the fight he was given a slam dunk against an unknown Costa Rican named Francisco Fonseca, who may have been beating Tank when he was clearly hit in the back of the head. The ref opted to count Fonseca out.  Davis was awarded a very controversial knockout victory in a fight it seemed he may have very well been losing to an unknown fighter. It what was supposed that was supposed to make him look good. It was supposed to be a star making performance in front of millions and millions of eyes on a Mayweather card.  Perhaps the biggest audience in boxing history.
3690581446001_5387491429001_image-1491473996594 (2)
Now Davis is facing a major challenge, something that may drop him for a 10 count, 10 years to be exact, assault charges. The 22-year-old is facing second-degree assault charges. Which carries a maximum potential sentence of 10 years in prison.  The charges are in connection with a bizarre incident back on an Aug. 1 incident in which a  childhood friend, Anthony Wheeler of Baltimore, alleged that Davis punched him in the side of the head with a gloved fist in their boxing gym.  A warrant for Davis was served in mid-September. Tank was released after posting a $100,000 unsecured property bond, according to court records.Wheeler stated he was standing by innocently at the Upton Boxing Center in West Baltimore when a fight broke out between Davis and his brother. Wheeler alleged that after the boxer’s bodyguard broke up the altercation, Davis wheeled around and “sucker punched me very violently.”Wheeler said he was knocked out and subsequently diagnosed with a concussion in a nearby Baltimore hospital.
The alleged incident came at the beginning of the before mentioned tumultuous month for Davis, that was the beginning of the downward spiral for Davis which led to him being stripped  of his IBF junior-lightweight title after he failed to make the 130-pound weight limit for his fight on the undercard of the Aug. 26 showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.and his lackluster performance against an unknown fighter.
While it seems unlikely that Tank will receive a full decade in prison for his actions it is possible he will receive some sentence. However, even if he does avoid a prison stay, it does seem like a familiar path. One that was traveled recently by Adrien Broner and countless other talented prospects, who throw away hat seemed liked loads of talent. Broner however collected straps in four different weight divisions and earned some legitimate paydays that is more than Tank has done to date. So even calling Tank the next AB is a bit premature at this point.

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