Note To Keith Thurman

Keith “One Time” Thurman said in a recent interview that he was in a position of power. Meaning that he was in a position where he could hand select who he wanted to fight and when he wanted to fight and that all roads lead to Keith Thurman. One Major problem with this line of thinking, Keith Thurman isn’t Floyd Mayweather. He can’t fight any ol’ opponent and do 1million+ pay per view sales, he doesn’t move the dial. He isn’t a crossover star. He can’t do this thing where he fights once a year picks an opponent and think the heavens and the earth are going to stop for him. Note to Keith Thurman, you aren’t Floyd Mayweather, you have never even headlined your own Pay Per View, as a matter of fact, Floyd has done about 4.5 million pay per view sales on two occasions at 100 bucks a pop. You’ve gotten 4.5 million viewers for free on free network TV once. So to put it in perspective Floyd draws about as many eyes charging 100 bucks as you do for free.

PBC on ESPN: Keith Thurman v Luis Collazo

He went on to say that Spence was hungry because he had just won his first world title. That he was at peace, at peace with what? getting close decisions over Swift and Sowtime? He has in the past said on several occasions he wants to go down as one of the great welterweights of all-time. Ok, the opportunity is out there go beat Spence and Bud and start from there. Or are you at peace with decision victories over those two?


The puns and play on words are starting already “One Time” is being called “‘Once Upon A time”, or ‘No Time Soon”, or ‘Maybe Next Time”, and so on and so on. Thurman has been on the record saying that he would love to introduce Danny Garcia to the welterweight division when Garcia was the man at 140 and throwing around the idea of jumping to 147, but he completely reversed track and said that pound for pound king Terence Crawford is irrelevant at 147.  Why the complete contradiction, where’s the intellectual consistency? Bud is considered the P4P king right now, Garcia isn’,t now or has he ever. Bud unified the division, Swift never did. So why the major change of course. Bud does have a title. It’s the Pound for Pound King of the sport. That’s a title Bud earned by fighting every single top fighter at 140, would you like that title Thurman would you like to be called the Pound for Pound King at least one time in your career. Fight Bud and earn it in the ring. Keith Thurman went on to mention that he would take a tune-up fight then a rematch with either Swift or Showtime then possibly unification with Spence or Bud who will in all likelihood have capture Jeff Horn’s WBO strap by that time.

Either Thurman is becoming a master of Sun Tzu’s Art of War :

. All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.

. Appear weak when you are strong


Which I suppose is completely possible or the man who is famous for screaming “Don’ Duck me, Son, You’d better not duck me son” Is now openly ducking both Spence and Crawford. As his plans are to take a tune-up fight originally scheduled for January now looking more like March will make it a full year in between fights. His recent trend of fighting once a year meaning he will take his tune-up fight in 2018, the Showtime or Swift rematch in 2019? and the Spence or Crawford fight in 2020? Is he on the Anthony Joshua plan? Spence is a massively large welterweight who is rumored to walk around at 175 lbs. Is he waiting for Spence to outgrow the weight, class? He isn’t going to be able to do that with Bud.



The truth on Keith “One Time” Thurman is that he is a top 10 pound for pound fighter in the world and as of now he is the man at 147. However fighting a tune-up against the likes up Mohamed Mimoune or David Avanesyan or a  possible rematch with Collazo or Chaves will do absolutely nothing to improve his standing it could, however, harm his standing if the other top guys continue to fight each other and he continues his one fight a year plan against hand-picked opponents. Keith Thurman looks shook and apprehensive when asked about fighting Spence and saying fighting the best pound for pound guy in the sport is irrelevant is silly goose stuff. The problem is I think he has the athleticism and the skill set to beat Spence. I have been on the record picking Thurman to beat Spence based on his athleticism and movement. However, he won’t dare to be great, but it appears he is scared  he knows that Spence can beat him that Spence relentless size, strength, and power is more than he wants to deal with, and Bud is that guy that has no noticeable weakness that is a complete fighter that likes to dish out punishment that just isn’t worth fighting.  Thurman has gone off to Nepal fell in Puppy love, had a very “questionable” injury now needs a tune-up to come off of his questionable injury and says that he is in control of the division and he somehow calls the shots.





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