Mayweather VS GGG: The Time Is Right

Well, the gauntlet has been thrown down. The biggest fight of 2018 is on the table. It’s there for taking, its right there to be made. Not to mention another $200 million dollar payday for Floyd and call it a $30-50 million dollar payday for  Golovkin. The fight would do near record numbers at the gate and 3 million plus PPV sales at $100 a pop.
Abel Sanchez said that he would go to 54 only for a Floyd Mayweather fight

Floyd Mayweather recently said that he wasn’t afraid of GGG and that he would outbox him.and that triple G would be “Easy work” when asked if he would school triple G Floyd responded  in typical Floyd fashion “Of course you know that whats understood  doesn’t have to be talked about” He added it would have to be at 154 and that he couldn’t go to middleweight.
Floyd Mayweather VS Gennady Golovkin is interesting on several levels.  They share a common opponent, that opponent is currently the biggest draw in the sport of boxing, Canelo Alvarez. Floyd did a much better job with Canelo than did Golovkin. Floyd dominated him outclassed and embarrassed him at times. GGG most thought beat him, I was in the minority scoring it for Alvarez, but Golovkin was bruised,  he was in a fight, Golovkin was in a scrap, a real scrap with Alvarez, Mayweather after 12 rounds with Canelo looked like he just went for a light jog, not a championship fight.
The fight is the right time, both fighters are vulnerable, Floyd is 41 and GGG is 36. Floyd thinks GGG is slowing down. He saw Kell Brook win rounds against him, he saw an athletic Danny Jacobs outbox him and probably deserve a decision against him and Canelo outbox him at times. Floyd is a master at spotting flaws and then exposing them. Money May sees a flawed fighter in Golovkin and if Canelo can avoid and nullify the power of GGG. Floyd will have no problem with GGG. He can go backwards move around the ring, potshot him make GGG miss on almost every shot and counter him to death as only Floyd can and beat him in a 120-108 type of fight.
On the flip side of things, boxing has 17 weight classes for a reason. When someone moves up 7 pounds they ask if the size is too big a difference? Floyd Mayweather couldn’t beat Anthony Joshua or Andre Ward, at a certain point the size is too much. Many pundits think GGG is #1 P4P, perhaps the size would be too much. G perhaps offers the perfect skill set to take Floyds “0”.  He has a dominant jab, he can apply constant pressure and cut the ring off on Floyd and make him uncomfortable. He would be a super Cotto or Maidana, two fighters that gave Mayweather three tough fights. He also is perhaps pound for pound the biggest puncher in the sport today. Consider this, Golovkin floored Jacobs who weighed 184 lbs in the ring in their match. That’s roughly 30 pounds more than Floyd will way fight night should they meet up. Golovkin also has perhaps the best chin in the sport, that was on full display against Canelo. Mayweather hasn’t been a real knockout threat since moving up to 140 and beyond, however, he was a big enough puncher to make his opponents respect his power and stop coming forward. With the natural size disadvantage and GGG’s granite chin, he could potentially walk straight through Floyd’s lead right hands rendering Floyd’s trademark weapon completely ineffective.
Floyd has been in the ring with guys like Canelo, Cotto, Mosley, Maidana and of Course Pacquiao great knockout artists guys with tremendous one punch power, fighters who can knockout terrific fighters at any point. Those guys had no chance, zero percent chance of knocking out Floyd, I repeat zero percent chance of knocking Floyd out. That is really not the case with Golovkin. It really isn’t! When Floyd does a million plus PPV sales 500,000 of those are people who want to see Floyd laying face down motionless on the canvas. That has a real chance of happening in a Golovkin fight. On fight night, let’s say Floyd gets the fight at 154, Golovkin walks into the ring at 171 and Floyd walks into the ring at 152. He is going to be giving up almost 20 pounds to what is perhaps pound for pound the biggest puncher with the most cast iron jaw in the sport. Floyd is the most skilled, smartest most adaptive fighter I have ever seen, Golovkin is a great fighter, Floyd is a special fighter, is that enough to overcome the size difference? Who knows but you got my $99.99  and I guarantee there at least 3 million others willing to lay down the same $99.99.
Both fighters are vulnerable, just out of their primes and may stand toe to toe to compensate for the bit of bounce and athleticism they have lost with age. Frazier VS Ali, Hearns Vs Sugar Ray Leonard, Marquez Vs Pacquiao IV. Where all better fights. Better actions fight because they happened later in their careers. Vegas is going to be turned upside down inside out and right side up split down the middle on the two groups.  The one side betting that GGG is too big and going to knock lil’ Floyd out and the other side that Floyd is too smart, too skilled and going to outclass Golovkin, and both sides may be right. The perfect time for this is now.

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