Featured Fighter: Nate Green

Back in August 3DBoxing interviewed American Bantamweight, Nate Green who had just pulled a major upset over Puerto Rican prospect Emanuel Rivera, who is a Miguel Cotto fighter on a national stage televised card on ESPN in Puerto Rico. See link Below

See link Below

Exclusive Interview With Nate Green

Green, took that fight on a two year lay off, which was the longest period of inactivity in his young career. The young Bantamweight who is known as “The Great One” didn’t take time to celebrate the biggest victory of his career, he got back in the gym and back to work jumping back into the ring just six weeks later. The Connecticut based Green had a bit off a homecoming, returning to his home state, to the venue, where it all started, The Mohegan Sun Casino, to take on a familiar foe. Green faced off with Josh Crespo, whom he defeated in his pro debut, Crespo a fellow Connecticuter had unfinished business and wanted a rematch from their first fight. Note to Crespo be careful what you wish for as Green dominated Crespo winning every round before an accidental head butt. Caused an early halt to the fight. Green looked sensational in outclassing the tough journeyman, but Green is rising to legitimate contender status and was clearly on a different level. I was able to sit down with our Featured fighter who just improved his record to 10-0.


(3DBOXING GK)- Another great win for “The Great One”, you took on an opponent that you faced before, why was it so much easier this time?

(NG)- I fought him, (Crespo) in my pro debut, and I am a lot more experienced now, I was also a lot sharper coming right off of my last fight. I stayed active and sharp I went right back to the gym, so between the experience and staying active, I am a much better fighter. Our first fight was also my pro debut, so I was still fighting like an amateur, the experience was a big difference this time.


(3DBOXING GK)- It was another great performance, where you satisfied with your performance.

(NG)-I thought I was fighting really well, I was having my way landing at will and winning every round. I really didn’t want the ref to stop the fight I wanted the knockout, I had him in trouble in the second round and throughout the fight. I predicted a fifth-round knockout and it looked like that was going to happen. He definitely was going to be able to last the distance. I would have had him out by no later than the sixth. I really wanted the knockout.

(3DBOXING GK)- Your last time out you fought at 118, this time you fought at 122. How do you feel at the new weight? Do you want to stay there?

(NG)- I felt comfortable at the weight, I feel confident at either 118 or 122. I could also get down to 115.


(3DBOXING)- 115, the Super Flyweight division is loaded right now, a slick lefty with pretty good pop could cause a lotta problems in that division.

(NG)- Yea, for the right fight I could get down to 115, I’ve never fought at the weight before I’ve always fought at either 118 or 122. But with all the big fights at 115 recently, I could definitely get down to 115.


(3DBOXING GK)- You outclassed this opponent and you pulled a big upset in a fight you weren’t supposed to win. You are proving yourself to be on another level, a higher class of fighter, the last time we spoke you said you wanted six more fights till you were fighting for a title, do you feel like your 5 fights away now is that still the plan?

(NG)- Yea I just want to stay active and start taking on better opponents.  Just keep winning and hopefully be seen by the right people. Sometimes it can be a matter of you know.


(3DBOXING GK)- You are 10-0 you have gotten some exposure on national TV, what do you want to do next? You can fight anywhere from 115-122, Do you want to call anybody at?

(NG)- I just want to stay active, I have to let this cut heal but I am willing to fight anyone. Hopefully, I can be back in the ring before the end of the year or January at the latest. I am undefeated


(3DBOXING GK) Being a slick lefty with decent pop fighters may start avoiding you, so best of luck and keep me up to date with when you plan to fight next. Thank you and God bless.

(NG) I will do and thank you.


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