Searching For A P4P King And A New Face Of Boxing

With Andre Ward, retiring boxing is without a pound for pound king yet again. It’s without a pound for pound king and a true face of the sport. Ward had won this meritorious title unanimously with his unprecedented resume from 2009-2017. He took that crown from Floyd who vacated the crown when he stepped down two years ago. Now boxing is without a rightful king but there are a lot of legitimate contenders that can fill the spot, and settle it the old fashion way in the ring.

Crawford vs Thurman VS Spence:
The Welterweight division has been a hotbed of talent over the past several decades. It has been the division that has given us Pound for Pound kings and PPV blockbusters. With Bud Crawford, the front-runner for the #1 P4P spot moving to 147. The division is loaded with talent again. These three can make epic fights. While none of them have larger than life personalities, they can, however, bring the best out of each other. The three of these guys could potentially beat each other stylistically Crawford beats Spence, Spence beats Thurman but Thurman’s athleticism could give Crawford fits. However if anyone of the three could beat the other two he would become king of the division, the face of American boxing and the  P4P King. My money would be on Bud being that guy. But all three of these guys are supremely talented and possess unique skills.
Canelo VS GGG:
The first fight was great and ended in controversy. Both Fighters are big draws, have a large following and seem to be fearless. If the rematch produces a sensational knockout or a clearcut winner. That winner could potentially be propelled to the top of the pound for pound list and. The first fight is rumored to have done 2million + PPV sales, with the fireworks and the drama that it produced the second one will probably do bigger numbers and both fighters will probably be gunning for a stoppage not wanting the fight going to the cards. Putting together a second epic fight would make the winner a mega-star a crossover attraction and potentially the P4P #1 fighter in the world.
 Image result for canelo vs ggg
Lomachenko VS Rigondeaux:
This is the dream fight, two top five pound for pound guys. Two guys who have won multiple gold medals and are two of the finest amateur boxers of all -time. This is an old-school epic boxing match between two of the sweetest of the sweet scientists to take place in the Mecca of Boxing. Two fundamentally perfect boxers with no noticeable flaws, who are going to have to spend 12 rounds like chemists in a lab trying to figure each other out. This is truly one for the boxing purists, but it is marked on my calendar and I am marking down the days. The winner of this fight will have the best win of anyone on the pound for pound list, while fighting at only 130lbs and not being a big knockout artists may not make them a mega-crossover star, a big win will certainly give the winner a great case to be on top of the intelligent fight fans P4P list.
Image result for lomachenko vs rigondeaux
Joshua VS Wilder:
For the first time in well over a decade, the heavyweight division is hot again. It’s lead by two young undefeated knockout artists. One from the UK and the from the good ol’ USA. Wilder has no doubt the toughest challenge of his career scheduled for November 4th in Brooklyn against Cuban Heavyweight  Louis Ortis if he can get past this massive hurdle, and Anthony Joshua gets past slap happy, Bulgarian, Kubrat Pulev as he is expected to do. It sets up the huge mega fight between the two bombers and the best heavyweight fight in decades. It will kick off a new era in boxing and the heavyweight division. When there is a true heavyweight champion, who dominates the division and knocks people out he becomes the face of boxing, he propels boxing to a mainstream level and becomes one of the most recognizable athletes on planet earth.  The winner of this brutal cant miss slugfest has the potential to be just that.
Image result for Joshua VS Wilder

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