Correcting ESPN’s top 25 of the last 25 Years

I came across a recirculated article on ESPN’s top 25 fighters of the last 25 years. Obviously, ESPN as a network is trash and its coverage of boxing is absolutely horrendous. Boxing has a home on network television it just clearly isn’t ESPN. A simple glance at the list made it all too clear that it was compiled by the same old casuals that the network has used to butcher our sport year after year. Their obvious bias and ignoring of little men are glaring and painful for boxing heads. I took the liberties to go ahead and correct the list for ESPN. Note this is a cumulation of what the fighters have done strictly from 1992-2017 nothing before. Sorry, Tyson fans his career from 1992 on doesn’t put him on the list. On another note being a huge Terry Norris fan, he was originally a no-brainer with a spot on the list until, pulling up his BOXREC and most of his best wins are prior to 1992, meaning the great Terrible Terry Norris and Iron Mike both missed the list. If the list was the top 30 fighters of the last 30 years both fighters would have tanked rather high, but its only from ’92-’17. Also, JCC had many great victories before 1992, those aren’t taken into consideration so he is on the list for what he did post ’92, but his sensational career prior to ’92 isn’t considered for this list which is why he isn’t higher on the list. I am Also working on the ultimate list of top 50 reasons of why I am better than Max Kellerman, I am clearly better than Max Kellerman.

ESPN’s top 25 P4P boxers of the last 25 years:

1.Floyd Mayweather

2.Manny Pacquiao

Image result for Manny Pacquiao belts
3.Bernard Hopkins
4.Roy Jones, Jr.
5.Julio Cesar Chavez.
6.Oscar De La Hoya
7.Evander Holyfield
8.Pernell Whitaker
9.Juan Manuel Marquez
10.Ricardo Lopez
11.Felix Trinidad
12.Lennox Lewis
13.Marco Antonio Barrera
14.Joe Calzaghe
15.Shane Mosley
16.James Toney
17.Andre Ward
18.Erik Morales
19.Wladimir Klitschko
20.Roman Gonzalez
21.Miguel Cotto
22.Naseem Hamed
23.Winky Wright
24.Gennady Golovkin
25.Terry Norris



1. Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Marcos Maidana
2. Roy Jones, Jr.

3. Pernell Whitaker

4. Bernard Hopkins
5. Juan Manuel Marquez
6. Manny Pacquiao
7.Andre Ward
8. Lennox Lewis
9.James Toney
10. Ricardo Lopez
11.Oscar De La Hoya
12. Marco Antonio Barrera
13.Shane Mosley
14. Miguel Cotto
15 Sergio Martinez
16. Julio Caesar Chavez
17. Erik Morales
18. Mark “Too Sharp” Johson
19.Felix Trinidad
20. Evander Holyfield
21. Pongsaklek Wonjongkam
22. Joe Calzaghe
23. Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez
24. Terence Crawford
25.Timothy Bradley

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