Fight Doctor: Canelo/GGG Edition

The Fight Doctor Is Back for the biggest fight of the year.
Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin for middleweight supremacy.
Canelo has quicker hands and is a better defensive fighter than is given credit for. Canelo wins rounds early and may even win the battle of the jabs. Canelo can out quick Golovkin and GGG’s ability to cut the ring won’t play much of a roll on the stationary Mexican fighter.  As the fight progresses and Canelo begins to put more and more rounds in the bank and builds a lead on the cards. The bigger, stronger Uzbek fighter will step up around the fifth round and realize the fact that he will have to walk through Canelo’s best shot and really step up the pace and take the fight to Alvarez.  The pace of the fight changes from a hard punching boxing match to a slug fest, the game Mexican can’t resist. GGG begins to break down Canelo with vicious body shots. Canelo certainly lands as many shots as he takes. However, the the naturally larger and iron jawed Golovkin shots are much more damaging than Canelos and as the fight moves onto the later rounds Canelo begins to slow down and by the 9th round, the fight is simply toe to toe.  Golovkin drops the tough Mexican middleweight, who rises at the count of 8, the fight continues as Golovkin pours more thudding power shots and Kenny Bayless jumps into save the game Alvarez from the inevitable who was still ahead on points at the time of the stoppage.
Fight Doctors official prediction: Golovkin 9th Round TKO
Image result for GGG belts

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