Exclusive Interview With Nate Green

Not too often does America find itself a great 118 pounder. Tim Austin and Brooklyn native Junior “Poison” Jones are the first two that come to mind. Well, there may be another Brooklynite pursuing that list. Nate Green originally from Fort Green, Brooklyn came off of a two-year layoff and pulled a tremendous upset. The fighter known as the  “The Great One” stepped into the ring off of a  two-year layoff, got stunned in the opening round by a right hand got dropped in the second round. Then proceeded to win every round thereafter. He epitomized what a road warrior is. He traveled to the lion’s den to be the sacrificial lamb. He went to Puerto Rico to fight a local Puerto Rico prospect on a Miguel Cotto Promotions card. Except it didn’t go as plan for  Emmanuel Rivera as Green dominated the second half of the fight and all three judges unanimously agreed.
Coming off of his feel good story and stunning upset I was able to sit down with the upstart Bantamweight and discuss his recent decision victory and future plans.

(3DBOXING GK) -Going into Puerto Rico taking on a pretty good Puerto Rican prospect did you think you had to beat him pretty decisively?

(NG)- I thought I had to dominate that was my plan. My plan was to dominate.


(3DBOXING GK) Coming into this fight you were off for over two years did you stay in the gym most of the time, or how did you stay in shape?
(NG) I stay in shape trying to get a fight, I am on the east coast and at my weight, it’s hard to get a fight. I don’t have a promoter and all the fights are in Mexico or in the west coast and no one wants to fly up here. I beat a guy who was 16-1 when I was only 4-0. Hopefully, this fight will help me get noticed and get bigger things.
(3DBOXING GK) You’re 5’4 a slick lefty you throw a lot of punches but you also have some pop how would you describe your style?
(NG) My style is whatever it needs to be, I can box and I can punch. I can adapt to whatever I need to do whatever I need to do for that fight.
(3DBOXING GK)-You do a lot of stuff outside of the ring you want to talk about that?
(NG) -Yeah, I am in school for business, entrepreneurship.I want to start the business. Boxing promotions. I also help out with kids with different programs help them out trying to give them a better life.
(3DBOXING GK)-Being from Brooklyn there was another great fighter at your weight class Junior Jones, was he an influence on you? How did you get into boxing?
(NG) -I use to get into street fights in Brooklyn,  and I would get into a fight with this kid and get into a fight with that kid and I could knock them out and my friends would say you should be a boxer. When I moved to Connecticut I found a gym and it was a fit.
(3DBOXING GK)-You are 9-0 still only 28 years old in a division that is pretty wide open who do you want to fight next?
(NG)-I want to fight anyone. I’ll fight anyone, not having a promoter, I just want to get my name out there and start getting bigger fights. I am 9-0, by the time I am 15-0 I want to be fighting for a world title.  I have to take on high-level fighters and I think the only reason I got this fight is that I had a two-year layoff. If we had a rematch in a month or two I could show them all he isn’t even on my level. I think with my experience and my level of opposition another six fights I will be ready for a world title fight.
(3DBOXING GK)- Great fight on Friday nights card!!! Keep me up to date with your next fight. I look forward to seeing you fight again soon Thank you and God bless.
(NG)- Thank you.

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