Undisputed and Undefeated Territory

For the first time in over a decade in any of the 17 weight classes, we have an undisputed champion. This time it’s actually undisputed. Back in 2005, Jermain Taylor got away with highway robbery against Hopkins, a decision which ranked #11 on my list of 20 worst decisions of the last 20 years. There was no controversy Saturday night, But dropped and dazed Indongo in the second and landed a thudding body shot that left no doubt. Reminiscent of legendary former Boston Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez hitting a home run and flipping his bat and walking to first knowing the ball had just left Fenway.  No reason to watch it fly out of the park,  just the feel of the bat hitting the ball is all he needed to know that it’s leaving the yard. Or a Steph Curry  3 pointer he knows as soon as the ball comes off his hands that it’s good. He can drop back on “D” and put three on the scoreboard. That was Bud’s reaction to his body shot to Indongo as soon as it landed Bud knew the “Blue Machine” was not about to get up in 10 seconds.  Indongo had no chance of beating the count.  It was also as clear as the clear blue sky  Indongo had no shot at beating Crawford. That’s not shot at Indongo, Indongo is a really, really good fighter, who if Bud moves up will probably claim a strap at 140 again. Indongo is a good, fast tall, unorthodox long southpaw who can give really good fighters a lot of problems and is willing to travel anywhere and wins going away.

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The only thing  Crawford can’t do it seems it sell and hype a fight.  He doesn’t seem to have a huge natural fan base, like perhaps a Mexican or Puerto Rican fighter would or a fighter from the UK, he doesn’t have a strong trash talking game and he’s from Omaha, Nebraska he can sell 12-13,000 seats there but that’s not going to do much for him in the major fight cities like New York, Vegas, or LA. The problem is Bud isn’t just anyone he is probably the best fighter on planet earth at this moment. I know I have Ward as my number one P4P but that’s based on resume. Just based on who feels like the best fighter in the world right now its Terence Crawford. He fought the second best guy in his weight class and toyed with him, he turned southpaw dropped him in the second round landed 59% of his power punches and finished him with a body shot in the third. Then said in a post-fight interview said I feel like I wasn’t in a fight and I am going fishing with my kids. He toyed with the second best fighter in the world at 140. Top Rank needs to figure out how to get this guy the best fighter on planet earth in front of as many eyes as possible.




There are two options left for the undisputed undefeated Junior Welterweight champion of the World Terence “Bud” Crawford, and the apparent rumors that Crawford had tremendous difficulties making weight may make this decision a lot easier. He is a very large 140 pounder, there was no same day weigh in for this fight. For the Diaz fight, he weighed 160 when he walked into the ring. Which means he is about the same size as Keith Thurman and bigger than Danny Garcia. But, let’s say Crawford can continue to make the weight.  Bernard Hopkins, was one of the great Middleweight Champions of all-time, from 1994-2005 he took on any and all challengers, and I mean anybody and some of them twice. Crawford can certainly do that and certainly seems willing to do that, he has already unified the title in his prior defense he took on the very game Felix Diaz so he isn’t ducking or dodging any opponent. He has a mega fight with Mikey Garcia at the weight. He also has  Rances Barthelemy and Antonio Orozco at the weight class. Take those fights and make his mandataries and he has put together quite an impressive resume. The sport has weight class and beating all the best guys at your own weight class is exactly what your suppose to do.


Bud can go to 147 and chase the gold, right now Andre Ward is the best pound for pound guy, because of what he did at 168 moving up and beating another great fighter in Kovalev twice, if Crawford wants to dethrone SOG in the eyes of the boxing public as the P4P best he is going to have to do at 147, not 140. Welterweight is the glamour division. Back in January, I had a wish list of fights my number one fight was Bud Vs Spence. This now looks like a reality. Bud can become a legend at 147, he can’t really do that at 140. I would favor him again at any of the top guys at Welterweight whether it’s, Spence, Thurman, Garcia, Horn, Peterson, Pacquiao. It would be hard to believe he could rip through all of these guys in a row without a hiccup as they are all great fighters but at least on paper Bud should be favored. If he could do that he’s in all-time great territory.


If ESPN did anything right it dropped the embarrassment that was Stephen A. Smith in studio. Addition by subtraction Kudos to you.

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