Thanks For The Sweet Memories Sugar Shane

Another legend has decided to hang ’em up. Earlier this summer Wladimir Klitschko, Tim Badley, Tyson Fury and Juan Manuel Marquez all decided to call it quits. We can now add Sugar Shane Mosley to that list. And not a moment too soon. Sugar Shane who hasn’t fought in 15 months since losing to David Avanesyan in his home-state of California. Perhaps now he can spend more time training his son Shane Mosley Jr. he certainly could use it, given his last performance.

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Shane Mosley announced his retirement after complications from recent elbow surgery saying “I had a few more years left in me and had a few big fights lined up for 2017 and 2018, and wasn’t planning to retire just yet,” he said. “[Bernard] Hopkins fought up to 50 at the world class level, and he has always been a role model and friend.However, fate if you will, stepped in and took those options away from me earlier this year. I went in for a ‘minor’ arthroscopic surgery to remove a couple loose bone fragments from my elbow, and the surgery turned into a whole ordeal after the surgeon admittedly accidentally burned me on my forearm, leading to getting a sick infection and needing, like, four or five days of IV antibiotics and two weeks of antibiotics at home.”

“It was crazy and surreal to learn that I could never fight again. I can’t even straighten my arm or bend my arm still to this day, and have numbness in my fingers,” he said. “It’s really sad and I have been dealing with some depression over losing something that was this important to me.”
Shane Mosley was truly a gift to the boxing community for over two decades, he was willing and able to test himself against the best fighters and ducked no one and he did so in the most entertaining fashion possible. What is often forgotten is the first chapter of Sugar Shane’s career.  From 1993-1999 Shane Mosley was one of the most dominant Lightweights of all-time and probably the best since Duran up until that point. He ran through that division with such a destructive force and a combination of two fisted power and hand speed no one was even close besides a one sided unanimous decision over the game Phillip Holliday no one was able to go the distance.
Moving up to the welterweight division proved to be the right decision, legendary trainer Naazim Richardson said of Sugar Shane “anything that gets on the scale and weighs 147 pounds, I think Shane can knock it out, If a Shetland pony comes in at 147, I like Shane in that fight. ….it can turn into a dragon, sprout wings, and a tail and breathe fire. It’s not going to scare Shane.”
Brother Naazim proved to be absolutely correct Shane Mosley’s resume win, lose or draw is second to no one he fought everybody at anytime. Never ducked anyone it was never about politics or promotions he made the fight he made the money and the networks happen because he wanted to prove he was the best. In addition to being the most dominant lightweight since Duran he is a top 10-15 welterweight of all-time with major upset victories of Oscar and a complete demolition over Antonio Margarito, also Shane ranks as a top five Junior Middle as well, a division he has W’s over guys like Oscar again, Fernando Vargas twice, Mayorga, and  Jose Luis Cruz not too many 154 guys with better resumes than that.
Sugar Shane Mosley lands a right punch
Shane Mosley was a once in a generation fighter who combined blazing hand speed and one punch power in both hands. Mosley was never shy about mixing it up and never shied away from a scrap. The biggest wins of Mosley’s career came in 2000 and 2003 when he beat the Golden Boy in a pair of decisions. He also scored a colossal upset in 2009 against Margarito, a fight where he was considered a massive underdog and washed up by many coming off of the Mayorga fight a bout he literally won via literally a last-second knockout in 2008. Mosley battered Margarito in January 2009, a fight best remembered for the handwrap controversy surrounding Margarito before the fight.
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That bout led to Mosley finally landing the desired showdown with Floyd Mayweather, a showdown fight freaks had hoped for since Shange Shane was a lightweight and Pretty Boy Floyd was a Jr Lightweight where he hurt Mayweather and nearly floored him in the second round but had no more success after. The Margarito domination turned out, was his last moment of glory.
Mosley first announced a retirement back in 2012, when he was 40, following a devastatingly one-sided loss to Canelo. Probably should have stayed retired at that point, but announced a comeback just months later. The fighter who put Pomona California on the map walks away with a career record of 49-10-1. Perhaps he will have more time to work with Shane Mosley Jr who competes in the middleweight division with a record of 10-2 (7) and recently lost to David Toussaint in Australia on the Pacquiao/Horn undercard.

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