McGregor-Malignaggi” St. Patricks day @ MSG

The writing is already on the wall, we just aren’t sure if it’s in ancient Gaelic or Italian. But it’s going to happen McGregor vs Malignaggi in NYC a sold out Madison Square Garden will be split down the middle. One-half will be going nuts with green white and red waving Italian flag and the other half will be lit up with the proud emerald green of the Irish Conor Mcgregor faithful. It will be a throwback of some 1900’s gangs of New York scene. The Italians and the Irish of New York City settling in a boxing ring.


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It started in a seemingly harmless and humors typical Paulie being Paulie tirade saying he could beat Connor with ankle weights on and both hands tied behind his back. That Connor couldn’t win the New York City Golden Gloves (he almost certainly could not) and that the cameraman could give him a fight ( that may be going a bit far.)

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Conor has always been able to get under Paulie skin. Whether it’s the picture Connor leaked with his hands behind his back, or the infamous picture of the “knockdown” or the “sparring video” or just his typical trash talking. The Dublin native has been like nails down a chalk board to his Brooklyn counter part. Paulie has called him a dirtbag a scumbag and low class and cheap.The Magicman has basically hauled every stereotype Italian’s in Brooklyn typically have of the Irish and went public with them. Having lived in Brooklyn for many of my formidable years, and having an ear for these dog whistles, the gauntlet has been thrown down.


After McGregor gets embarrassed by Mayweather he will be somewhere in the realm of $75-100 million dollars richer. The UFC kingpin will also find himself in a peculiar position. He was “only” making $3-5 million for his UFC fights that’s a substantial difference. Will Notorious really want to go back to working for Dana White and pennies on the dollar? There will be certainly no need for a rematch. So whats McGregor to do? Well, there’s another loud mouth trash talking boxer. This one an Italian from Brooklyn, that’s a natural fit for him.He’s the same size as Floyd. Plus after the picture and the video of Paulie being on the canvas “dropped” or “pushed” you decide, build in the natural Italian vs Irish rivalry. and you have yourself a huge mega-fight at a sold out MSG and PPV extravaganza. The UFC, Connor McGregor nuts will be looking to even the score and get their boy a “W” over a boxer and having footage of Mcgregor “dropping” Paulie gives them all the reason to believe their guy can win. Paulie being a two division world champion and natural born ego maniac and loud mouth feels slightly embarrassed and wants to exact revenge on Connor for how he thinks he was mistreated during his training camp. McGregor-Malignaggi in negotiations and will be signed shortly after the Mayweather fight for St. Patricks day in Madison Square Garden.

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