International Spotlight: Jono Carroll

Jono Carroll is an undefeated prospect in the loaded super featherweight division. A supremely talented fighter with a unique style out of a nation rich in boxing history. Dublin Irelands newest fighting pride is coming off of a sensational victory over John Quigley in Belfast, back in June. The fighter known as “King Kong” is only 25, and is shooting up the 130 lbs rankings and is primed to be the next great Irish world champion. I was able to sit down and discuss his future plans.


3DBoxing (GK)- You are from Ireland, a country with a great fighting history how did you get into boxing?

Jono Carroll- Well I got into the boxing because I had a fight with a traveler in school. I was probably 6 or 7. And he gave me a black eye. So when I went home my dad said you’re coming to the gym with me. So from that day on my dad showed me how to box.


3DBOXING (GK)- Being from Dublin, Ireland I need to get this question out of the way, Connor Mcgregor is your fellow countrymen, what do you make of his fight with Floyd Mayweather?


Jono Carroll- I think it’s great.A man on the dole a few years ago is now fighting for 100 mill. What’s not to like. I don’t think he has a chance. Well, he got a punchers chance of course. It is a contact sport.And stranger things have happened. But Mayweather is amazing at what he does. This is an easy few million for him. And here at the end of the day, it’s all about entertainment. And there is no better people out there for it.


3DBOXING (GK)-Your style is different than a lot of the other great Irish fighters we have seen in the past, how would you describe your style in the ring?

Jono Carroll- I don’t know because I change up my style depending on the opponent. So it’s more or less what they bring to the table.But I’m a slick boxer if I need to be. And I’m also a come forward brawler when I want to be or if I need to be.I don’t mind having a war because I’m Irish and we love a good scrap. One thing is you will never have more heart than me. I’ll happily die doing what I love. And that’s no joke.

3DBOXING (GK)- You last fought in June against John Quigley in Belfast, in a really entertaining fight. A fight that really tested you against a top level opponent, and allowed you to open a lot of eyes. Did you approach this fight differently because you were facing such a highly skilled opponent, do you consider this your best performance to date?


Jono Carroll-Yes, but only because it was 12 rounds. And because it was for a title. I don’t think it was the opponent that made me approach the fight differently. It was because it was 12 rounds and for a title. I’ve always taken every opportunity that came my way with both hands. So when this piped up I knew there was no way I was losing. No matter what I had to do. The game plan was wrong going into the fight. My team wanted me to box but I quickly realized that wasn’t going to work. So I just charged forward and made it my type of fight. And that’s always action packed. I cut no corners. I never made title weight before and I didn’t want to drain myself doing the 12 rounds. So I was very professional about my approach.

Image result for Jono carroll vs JOhn Quigley

3DBOXING (GK) – The Super Featherweight division is loaded with talent. Lomachenko is clearly viewed as the head of the division, but after it’s kind of wide open. Do you look at the big punchers in the weight classes like Jason Sosa and Nicholas Walters and some other guys and think to yourself you could box circles around these guys and get yourself into title contention over night? You are 25, still really young, who do you want to fight next?


Jono Carroll- I don’t think I could outbox these lads I know for a fact I could. Yes, they’re good fighters but only big punchers. They can’t box. I can box I can fight and I can take a punch. So good luck to them if I come up against them. I would love to fight either of these guys or both of them in one night I don’t care. And yes I’m very young in my professional career. And I only ever boxed so I could handle myself on the streets and ┬ánot get bullied. It was when I turned 15 I spared a girl Kelly Harington she is now a world silver medalist. but anyway yea I spared her and she busted my nose. Blood was all over the place but we kept sparring anyway. And after that, I told my dad I wanted to compete. So I went to a boxing gym and took it serious. All year I use to get jacks roll to put it beside the ring because my nose wouldn’t stop bleeding in every spar. But I was getting better and better. My sparring partner was a few times Irish champion and heavier than me. So when I came to fighting someone my weight I was killing them.I won my first Irish title in my second year. And was sparing Katie Taylor on the Irish team. I got four sisters, and as a kid, my sisters use to kill me then. I have amazing girl fighters punching me around.So I had to step up and handle myself and that’s exactly what I did. Now I don’t care who you are I won’t back down.Now a world silver medalist.I won’t back down.


3DBOXING (GK) – You have fought in Dublin, London, Belfast you have fought in Germany and even Australia I believe. But you have never fought in the U.S. any plans to fight over here? You would have a huge natural fan base with the Irish crowd in places like New York, Boston, Chicago and even Toronto, Canada. You could sell a lot of tickets to the Irish population in those major cities.

Jono Carroll- I know. Well, it’s always been a dream of mine to fight in the USA. I feel like as a boxer ya haven’t made it unless you have fought there. I’ve never even had a holiday to America and I wouldn’t mind. I have loads of family over there. In Boston and some that lived in LA but they have moved home now. It’s just one of them places that I’m made to fight in. I was supposed to fight on the card when Gary Russell beat Patrick Hyland But it fell through with two weeks to go. I was devastated but who knows it was probably for the best. Maybe when the time comes I will be fighting in a big fight or for a good title. All I do know is I can’t wait because it will be a dream come true, my man.


3DBOXING (GK)- Thank you and God Bless and let me know when and where you are fighting next I look forward to seeing your career progress

Jono Carroll- No, thank you, brother, for your support.

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