The Only Fight Under 140 That Matters!

Vasyl Lomachenko ran his record to 9-1 (7) by taking apart a completely overmatched Miguel Marriaga. Marriaga was also outclassed in his last time out by fellow up and coming, Top Rank Prospect Oscar Valdez, and no matter how hard Joe Tessitore and ESPN tried to spin it Hi-Tech’s most recent victory did nothing really to raise his already sky high stock. Marriaga is an ok fighter, a respectable opponent who should never have been in the ring with Loma.

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If ever there has been two fighters meant for each other, it seems to be Vasyl ” Hi-Tech” Lomachenko and Guillermo “El Chacal” Rigondeaux. They are two of the best amateur boxers ever. They hail from two nations with very proud boxing histories. Rigondeaux won consecutive gold medals in the bantamweight division at the 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics. He is also a seven-time Cuban national champion at bantamweight ((2000–2006).
Lomachenko finished his amateur career with an impressive career record of 396 wins and one loss.  He won gold at both the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games in Beijing and London.  Lomachenko beat his five opponents by an astonishing 58-13 score on the way to his first gold medal and was subsequently named the outstanding boxer for the tournament and awarded the Val Barker Trophy. In 2012 London Olympics he won his second consecutive Gold Medal. He defeated Han Soon-Chul of South Korea in the final by 19-9.

These two are on a collision course. Two of the all time great amateur boxers EVER! Who represents two of the most prized amateurs fighting countries, Cuba and the Ukraine.Who are both pound for pound top five guys and at the very top of their respective weight class. Like Teddy Atlas said following Lomachenko’s fight, like Tesla vs Edison but only better and more exciting. It would be a battle between two scientists.



Lomancheko has other options lots of fights I would love to see him make.  Fights with Tank Davis, Miguel Bercehlt, Mikey Garcia, a plethora of guys at 126 including the winner of Abner Mares and Leo and Santa Cruz set for October in the Staples center. But, the fight with Rigo has to happen now, Rigo is 36, he has difficulties getting fights because well…. he’s too darn good and no one wants to fight him and many of the guys now at 126, went to 126 because they wanted to avoid him 122. Lomachenko has expressed frustration with not being able to make fights with the best competition. Well make this fight with Rigo. Rigo is willing to be the B side. All the other fights can wait. If you want to fight Rigondeaux in his prime it has to be made now!

HBO and ESPN like to call Hi-Tech the number one pound for pound guy. Arum told ESPN Radio that he was the best fighter he has seen come along since a young Ali. Lomachenko can’t earn the title as the best pound for pound guy until he beats a top pound for pound guy. That guy isn’t the winner of Santa-Cruz Mares, it isn’t Berchelt or Tank Davis, it certainly ain’t an ordinary Jason Sosa or Marriaga. That guy is Rigondeaux. A 50/50 type fight which he may lose. Roy Jones was in a position like this once upon a time and he risked it all and fought James Toney. Oscar Dela Hoya did it and fought Pernell Whitaker. Andre Ward did and moved up and fought Kovalev. If you want to be the pound for pound guy, go beat Rigondeaux. Rigondeaux is willing to be the B-side and fight Loma. Why isn’t Loma willing to be the A side, name the weight, the price, the location and all the demands and fight El Chacal?


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