International Spotlight: Dario “Spartan” Morello

Dario Morello is only 24 has only been a pro for two years. He is a supremely talented Welterweight prospect from Bergamo, Lombardia, Italy. Still largely unknown to the American boxing community, he is building a resume and a reputation in the European boxing circuit. The man known as ” The Spartan” is coming off of his most impressive victory to date a lop sided UD over slick veteran Tobia Giuseppe Loriga who had been in the ring with guys like Chaves Jr. Morello was a featured in the  World Series of Boxing as a member of the Italia Thunder Boxing Team and is now being moved along rather quickly as a professional and is ready for bigger fights. I was able to sit down and talk with the next great Italian superstar.

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 3DBOXING (GK)– Being from Italy my American fan base automatically associates your nation with soccer, how did you get into boxing?

Dario Morello– I was 4, when I started in the gym of my uncle. It was like a game for me. Boxing is a family passion. My father did it at the college a long time ago and when he watched me at the heavybag, he saw something in my boxing movement. Since that time I started to train every day with love, sacrifice, and dedication.


3DBOXING (GK)- Italy has a pretty good history of boxing, did you have any favorite fighters growing up?


Dario Morello-Italy has a good tradition in this sport. In particular, I like Giovanni Parisi. He had hard punches, amazing speed, both perfect boxing stances, and perfect technical skills. Often I watch his video. My favorite is the Sammy Fuentes fight.


3DBOXING (GK)– You have fought mostly in Italy. Do you have any plans to fight outside of your home country in either the US or the UK? You would have a natural fan base in New York with so many Italians living there.


Dario Morello– I follow all my manager’s decisions. I believe in our project. In my future probably I will fight in the US or in other countries but now I’m not sure. Some days ago Mario Loreni (my promoter) signed an accord with the Legend Evander Holyfield for a co-working plan to Bring in USA the better Italian boxers. Maybe, after my win in a national bout, I can be in this selection. I hope for that.

Ps: fight for the NY’s Italian community make me proud of my origins and of my people.
3DBOXING (GK)-You really started to open some eyes with your last victory over Tobia Giuseppe Loriga, would you consider that your best performance?…. How would you describe your style in the ring?
Dario Morello– On 23 of July I had a good performance. The road is long to become the best version of myself but I put all my dedication and determination in each training session. I’m sure that I will have more important victory. In the ring, my style is different than other Italian boxers. I think to the show, I fight for the win with determination, I can push myself to the limit over the limit if  it is required. I’m not scared of the punches of my opponent, never. This focus brings me to the victory because I can find it during the match the right determination is key.
3DBOXING (GK)-You were a part of the World Series of Boxing, what did you gain from that experience, how did it make you a better fighter and how did it prepare you for your professional career?
Dario Morello– I did 2 fights in WSB. It prepared me for professional boxing but the gloves and the judge are different. WSB’sboxers are amateur that fight with no headguard and no shirt. Professional boxers are a different kind of athlete

3DBOXING (GK)-You fight in a weight class loaded with talent both in Europe and in the USA, whats next, who would you like to fight next?

Dario Morello– My next program is to maintain my belt and wait for an international chance. I have only 9 matches ON MY pro record so I have to make right choices. Maybe my best chance will be in the USA…who can tell this? We have only wait and work hard and be ready for the next bout.


3DBOXING(GK) -Thank you for your time. God Bless and please keep me updated on your career and let me know when you will be fighting next. Thanks.

Dario Morello– I will do that. Thanks for all.

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