Antonio Margarito: The Train wreck We Just Can’t Look Away From

Antonio Margarito hasn’t won a  meaningful fight since he put to together a remarkable (comeback)? against Miguel Cotto in July of 2008, 9 years ago!  That is a fight that will forever have an asterisk near it. In his next fight, Brother Naazim found the infamous blocks in his wraps prior to the Mosley fight. In which the 38-year old  Sugar Shane went out there and absolutely took apart and annihilated the highly favored Mexican Champion who lost every moment of every round. Margarito lost every round to Pacquiao and lost every round of the rematch to Cotto. Ironically Margarito has never really won a single round in a world class fight against a world class opponent since his highly questionable fight with Cotto. Which includes the rematch with Cotto. When the doctor advised referee Steve Smoger to stop the fight, who in turn waived off the fight to the dismay of Margarito and trainer Robert Garcia. Miguel Cotto walked away with arms raised it was one of the feel good moments in boxing history. Let’s not fool ourselves, there’s a reason why Margarito keeps making headlines. He’s the perfect villain, he probably deserved to be in prison for loading his gloves. He certainly doesn’t deserve to ever fight again but he earned $2.5 million for the Cotto rematch and possibly as much as $5 million for the Pac fight. There’s a reason for this. He’s entertaining. He throws a zillion punches, can knock people out, does not stop coming forward and can take a beating.



Margarito is scheduled to take on Carson Jones on September 2nd. For some reason, a despicable criminal of a human being and a journey man fighter has caught our attention why? Carson Jones is a respectable fighter, but I bet you can’t name any of his last three opponents without pulling out his Boxrec.


If Margarito gets past Jones on September 2nd in Chihuahua, Mexico. something is in the making. An all Mexican Civil War that will bridge two generations. A Margarito-Canelo one-sided slug fest between.


After he gets bravely demolished by his far superior countryman. The Tijuana Tornado may still get decent paydays against the likes of say, Alfredo Angulo or James Kirkland or Glenn Tapaia or any of the other hard nosed hard hitting monsters at 154lbs.

The reason is simple as much as we are bothered by Margarito, we are entertained by Margarito. Whether it was his win over Cotto, his knockouts over Cintron, or even his fight of the year candidate loss to Paul Williams or literally knocking the ear off of Sebastian Andres Lujan we were entertained by Margarito and that’s what we pay for. That’s what we come back for. As a boxer that heart and grit and relentlessness epitomized what Mexican fighters are all about and why boxing is so popular in Mexico and why Mexican Boxers are so popular world wide.
So on September 2, we will watch Margarito and should he win and if I am right and he gets Canelo next, not only will we watch we will shell out $59.99. We will hate ourselves that we continue to watch and support Margarito and give him another big payday.  At the same time, we will be happy that Margarito got beat down.
It is obvious that Margarito isn’t the same fighter that he was a decade ago. To be honest the Tijuana Tornado made Floyd Mayweather think twice. In 2006, The man that calls himself “Money” skipped out on what would have been the biggest payday of his career at that time, $12 million, instead, opted on Carlos Baldomir. Floyd ducked Margarito, it’s, not hating, it’s just fact… Margarito is no longer that fighter. However, He looked somewhat decent in his last outing against  Ramon Alvarez who actually owns knock-outs over  Ben Tackie and Vivian Harris. So it’s fair to argue Margarito isn’t completely washed up

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