Interview with Ryan “Cowboy” Karl

Ryan “Cowboy” Karl, is becoming a household name amongst boxing fans in his home state of  Texas. And throughout the entire US, he is coming off the wrong side of a  hugely entertaining back and forth slug fest with Eddie Ramirez.
I was able to sit down and interview  Ronnie Shields newest protégé and next superstar. Ryan “Cowboy” Karl on his past on what the future in the ring holds.
He is currently on the comeback trail and looked focused and sharp once again in his most recent outing on Tuesday’s PBC on FS1 where he defeated Carlos Winston Velasquez by UD to improve to 14-1.
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(3DBOXING) You’re a Texan. You grew up in a small town in Texas,  football country, how did you get into boxing?
(Ryan Karl) My first love was football, playing since I was 9. My older brother always wanted to box so I tagged along when my dad decided to take us 70 miles one way to Waco Boxing Club. I fell in love with the sport.
(3DBOXING) You’re obviously a very motivated fighter, we know about your 2 hour each way commute to Houston. Your intense workout schedule. What keeps you motivated day in day out?
(Ryan Karl)  I want to be a world champion. My wife and son keep me motivated. I just think of a better life for them and that is what I want to provide.
(3DBOXING) Your training out of  Ronnie Shields Plex Boxing Gym, which is maybe the hottest gym in all of Boxing right now, how did you meet up with Ronnie and was that like a dream come true.
(Ryan Karl)  I have known Ronnie since I was an amateur. My dad would take me to Houston and we would spar with some of his guys. We developed a relationship
(GK Fight City News) Ronnie trained Arturo Gatti for a while, who was a hero to me my youngest son is named after him. Who were your boxing heroes growing up?
(Ryan Karl)  Arturo Gatti is one of my favorites. But my boxing hero growing up had to be Ricky Hatton. I loved watching him. Also loved within the ESPN Classics that would come on.
(3DBOXING) Ricky Hatton that’s cool, I can see some similarities between you and the hit man in your styles
(Ryan Karl)  I loved Ricky as a kid. I probably looked up to him more than any boxer then. Gatti might be my favorite of all time now, him or Chico.
(3DBOXING) You’re last fight with Eddie Rameriez was a different level a back and forth thriller, it was really entertaining to watch from spectators stand point, but you were in the ring, what’s going through your head in the ring during a fight like that’s and what’s your corner telling you?
(Ryan Karl)  My last fight was very different for me. In the fact that we were not only battling Eddie, but also a bad sinus infection for the last 3-4 weeks. Eddie was definitely the better man that night. Our timing wasn’t there, we couldn’t make the adjustments we needed to make.
(3D BOXING) Finally, the fight with Ramirez was such an entertaining fight, and competitive fight. I don’t think either fighter’s stock goes down, what’s next for the Cowboy? When can we expect to see you again? Any plans on fighting in Texas again?
(Ryan Karl)  Hopefully we will be back in the ring in May and hopefully, it will be in Texas. We are more excited than ever to get back in the ring and to get the W.
(3D BOXING) I really appreciate your time Ryan, I can’t wait to see you in the ring again. God Bless.
(Ryan Karl)  Thanks, man, and God bless.

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