Garcia Is fighting For Broner’s Name Recognition

Mikey Garcia opened up a 5-1 betting favorite against Adrien Broner.  Vegas odds maker very rarely get these things wrong. Mikey is a sensational boxer-puncher. He has already won straps at 130 and 135 on July 29th will look for his third world title. He has carried his power up with him as his 30 knockouts in his 36 fights (36-0) would verify. Garcia is clearly the better fighter he is also the more accomplished fighter with the better pedigree.


Typically when a fighter has a million dollar smile like De La Hoya it makes him money it makes him more marketable. Typically when a fighter has destructive one punch power it makes him more marketable. Typically one a fighter comes from a great legacy, a great fight family it makes him more marketable. But for some reason when combining all these factors it really hasn’t translated to mega pay days and mega fame for the youngest Garcia sibling. It has actually translated to him being severely underrated. I’ve seen money respected pundits pound for pound lists without Garcia’s name on it. How’s this possible?

 Many are giving AB a real chance in this fight. The eye test says Mikey is infinitely better, their resume says Mikey is infinitely better and Vegas is confirming all that we know by saying “hey The Problems is going to have major issues with his soft spoken rival”. This fight isn’t close.


Garcia Ranks third on my pound for pound list behind Ward and Crawford. Garcia emerged into most of our lives on the Gamboa and Solis undercard back in 2011 by knocking out an undefeated Matt Remillard. Since that fight, he has never failed to impress. No, not once. He has run off 12 straight knockouts since then. Juan Carlos Burgos, Barnabee Conception, Rocky Martinez, Jonathon Barros and JuanMa Lopez are just a few of the names he knocked off on the way. All the while going into hibernation for 2 years.


If we are being completely honest AB has mostly been a very talented over produced hype job! He lost to Showtime, he lost to Maidana! Maidana who lost every minute of every round and got out classed by Devon Alexander. Whats AB’s best win? A controversial decision victory over Paulie Malignaggi, that I and a lot of people didn’t think he won.  Maybe a very close and controversial decision, most thought he dropped against Daniel Ponce De Leon? Whats his signature victory Ashley Theophane or Emmanuel Taylor??  Those are B level fighters all due respect to those guys but come on. Now, you’re expecting him to take on a top pound for pound guy, who is completely out of his league?



Rarely does someone come from a great fight family and it not carve them a path. Chavez Jr sucks but it carved him a path to prove him self. This transcends sports right. Steph Curry drew himself a ton of attention at a tiny little college called Davidson in North Carolina because his Dad was a star on the Charlotte Hornets. Who in turn put the spotlight on baby bro Seth and got baby brother a 15-day contract in the NBA which he has parlayed into a starting job with the Dallas Mavericks. Prince Fielder caught the eye of professional baseball scouts as a kid hitting the ball out of Tiger Stadium when his old man played for the Tigers. Danny Garcia trained Victor Ortiz who was largely popular for a moment, Robert Garcia has perhaps the most successful boxing gym in the country, Robert was a hugely successful world champion, who Smoked, Derrick Smoke Gainer. and Mikey is clearly, clearly the best Garcia. Why has he not been able to parlay that into some serious scratch and some name recognition?

1992 NBA Three Point Competition

Adrien Broner had great power at the smaller weight classes and has great speed but has become increasingly easy to hit, in particular to the body. As mentioned he has no signature victories. He is not from a great legacy of fighters his dad is known for brushing his hair. He is no longer even known for what he does in the ring, he is known for his unfunny antics outside the ring. Whether it’s being verbally slaughtered at a Brooklyn press conference by Paulie Malignaggi. Trying to embarrass a cashier at Wal-Mart for no reason or getting into a street fight over jewelry or rolling up in a bullet ridden truck. These are the things that keep him relevant, but it isn’t his speed or his skill set. And when it comes to skill setS his and Mikey’s are on a different level.

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