Did HBO Overplay Their Loma Hand?

HBO’s newest prized possession Super featherweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko wants boxing fans to know right up front that he DOES NOT need to fight the undefeated former 2-time Olympic gold medalist Guillermo Rigondeaux.  But if a fight between the two former Olympic gold medalists takes place, Lomachenko (8-1, 6 KOs) says he would destroy Rigondeaux (17-0, 11 KOs).

He is right he doesn’t NEED to fight  Rigo or anyone for that matter.  Neither he nor HBO would have the right to call him the pound- for- pound anything. HBO is constantly riding him calling him the best fighter in the world.  Not bad for an 8-1 fighter.

Rigondeaux, 36, wants the fight with Lomachenko. In no uncertain terms, he wants the fight. He said he would meet him in the middle at 126 or even move all the way up to 130lbs to make it happen. He would agree to all of the Ukraninans terms and be the B-side despite being the better more accomplished fighter.  However, it doesn’t appear that the feelings are mutual from the Ukrainian. His promoters at Top Rank are busy putting him in with guys like the recently beaten Miguel Marriaga who lost to, Nicholas Walters who Loma already dominated and stopped. And also lost to highly touted Mexican puncher Oscar Valdez.

Image result for Miguel Marriaga VS OSCAR VALDEZ

If they can’t make the Rigo fight, why not make a fight with Valdez? You know the guy that beat  Marriaga down. It’s not like the boxing public is clamoring for the Marraiga fight or even has any interest in it at all. But we also weren’t crying for the Jason Sosa fight or the Roman Martinez fight.

But keep putting him in the ring in the ring with B and B- fighters and let Jim Lampley and the HBO cheerleaders continue to build the hype and by the time  Loma agrees to fight him hopefully, the 36-year-old Guillermo Rigondeaux will be too old. But this brings me back to my previous point that HBO is racist. Rigo is better, faster, stronger than Loma. But HBO has moved their chips into the hi-tech fund.

Image result for rigo vs lomachenko


Back In 2013, HBO had another mega Hype job competing at the 122lb division. Nonito Donaire was putting people to sleep, the Filipino Flash looked like the second coming of Manny Pacquiao and unlike Lomanchenko he earned his way to the top of P4P lists with sensational one punch knockouts over top notch competition and then he ran into Rigo, and just could not get to him and lost a wide decision and had never been the same since. HBO will not let that happen twice.  The ironic thing is that HBO lost out on the Loma-Marriaga fight which will air on ESPN. So the best chance to get the Loma-Rigo mega fight which would be sensational, would be for HBO to lose control of its prized possession altogether and have Top Rank move him to ESPN period.

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