PBC: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Another episode of PBC’s Toe to Toe Tuesday has given us another tremendous night of Boxing. It wasn’t heavenly anticipated, it wasn’t the featured fight. it wasn’t even the co-feature. It was bonus action a swing fight, that delivered. It epitomized why we loved boxing. Two unknown fighters who stepped into the ring Tuesday night laid it all on the line for our entertainment.
A fight between Philly tough guy Avery Sparrow and Dominican fighter Isaelin Florian delivered non-stop action between these two hungry fighters. Florian came in an undefeated fighter (6-0)  and across the ring stood the 6-1 Sparrow who’s only loss came by DQ.
The fight offered non-stop action, after the ceremonial touch of the gloves, Sparrow threw a massive sweeping right hand. Sparrow continued to attack like a relentless AK-47 unleashing lethal rounds of ammo that floored Florian within 42 seconds of the opening bell. The Dominican native was able to rise to his feet and score a knockdown of his own just moments later. Within 75 seconds of the start of the fight, both fighters had been on the canvas.
The action didn’t lull at all. Florian hit the canvas again from a big right hand that dropped him in the second round. In the 3rd round, Florian noticeably injured his left hand which he favored and protected throughout the rest of the fight. He fought one handed at times and switched to the orthodox stance at times, but in the middle of the 4th round during a nasty, heated exchange where both fighters ate some leather, the injured Florian again floored Sparrow, this time hurting him.
In the last two rounds of the six rounds fight the injured left hand clearly took its toll on the now one-handed Florian and Sparrow won the last two rounds and won a unanimous decision 58-54 on all three scorecards.
The PBC has delivered excellent cards since its inauguration. This was a swing bout between two unknownS. An aggressive power punching tough guy from the great fighting city of Philly trying to overwhelm and knock the head off the more skilled more fleet-footed Dominican boxer-puncher.  At the end of the of the six rounder, I’d like to see each fighter again. Actually, a rematch would be great. Not because they are the most talented or most skilled fighters in the world but because they represent all that is so great about boxing. Two young men who walked into the ring for love of the sport and laid it all on the line to pursue a dream of being a world champion. Thank you, Mr. Sparrow, and Mr. Florian you guys are what makes boxing the best sport in the world.

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