GGG & Saunders: When Is a Duck a Duck

When is a duck a duck?  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quack likes a duck, it’s probably a duck.  Gennady Golovkin very recently called the slick UK middleweight Billy Joe Saunders his dream fight and that unifying all the straps at 160 was his dream. ” Superb” Saunders said, ” in a way, he (Golovkin) wanted the fight more .”  Saunders also agreed to travel to GGG’s home turf of  Kazakhstan. Perfect!  We have two guys willing to make a mega fight and the B-side willing to travel to the homeland of the  A side!

Here is where the curveball, the duck comes in. GGG refused to make the unification bout. Saunders was willing to meet all of Golovkin’s terms and Golvkin just wanted nothing to do with it. GGG was coming off of a 50/50 life and death fight with a very athletic Daniel Jacobs and had a big money fight on the table with Canelo.
Canelo Alvarez represents the biggest fight in the  Kazakhs career, it will be his biggest stage, his biggest purse, and his biggest risk and the more entertaining fan friendly fight. So how can this be a duck? If Golovkin is stepping into the ring with the best fighter he ever faced who is better than BJ Saunders, how can this be a duck? 
Stylistically  Alvarez is the easier fight. Alvarez will fight more into the hands of GGG, he will come forward and attack the harder hitting Golovkin. Canelo will look to trade and exchange and eventually, I believe get broken down and stopped late in the fight by Golovkin. To the contrary, Saunders would use his superb boxing skills and simply look to out point and keep Golovkin at bay. He would use his athleticism footwork and jab to outlast the offensive assault of Golovkin. Alvarez is a great Mexican fighter with very good boxing skills, he isn’t a great athlete like Saunders, the exact style that gives GGG fits. Which is why he avoids these types of fights.
Saunders has impressive wins over Eubank and Andy Lee which skyrocketed the Brit to among the very top at 160 lbs. In his only outing in 2016, he looked lethargic in outlasting little known Artur Akavov. When motivated and in shape, BJ Saunders gives anyone at 160 major problems, Canelo, Charlo or GGG or anyone. This combined with the fact, stylistically he is television friendly and he doesn’t bring a massive payday to the table outside of the UK  is the reason why he didn’t get the fight with Golovkin and probably never will.
So when is a duck a duck? When the A-side fighter says it’s my dream fight to fight Fighter B and Fighter B meets all of those demands and agrees to fight in your home country and then fighter A says who is that guy?….. Well, allow me to tell you who that guy is, he has the other middleweight strap and is your dream fight. You even said so yourself. That’s a duck, it doesn’t matter that GGG took on a better opponent for more money in a better fight for boxing. The fact remains the same Gennady Golovkin ducked Billy Joe Saunders. Period. 

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