Adrein Broner has a Problem

Back in 2013 Paulie the “Magic man” Malignaggi said in a press conference leading up to his matchup with Adrien Broner, that Broner was handed a title, as an up and coming fighter against a guy named Rodriguez no one ever heard of. That’s Vicente Martin Rodriguez for the record, and yes Paulie no one had ever heard of him before or after. Rodriguez’s previous 3 opponents had a combined losing record and that somehow earned him a shot at Broner and the vacant 130lb crown. Malignaggi went on to say that he was once an up and coming star too and he was rewarded with a title shot against a guy named Miguel Cotto. There is certainly a drastic difference between what the two fighters were rewarded with. It raises a great question was Broner simply an overblown hype job? Is the Magic man, right was Broner simply the product of everything that was wrong with boxing. AB, rose to boxing superstardom and notoriety without any big names on his resume. He won titles at multiple weight classes without any major names on his resume. He had quick hands and great power at 130 and humors antics that got him some quick recognition.

In the interim he has moved up in weight numerous times he no longer carries a noticeable size advantage, he has been destroyed by both A level fighters (Maidana and Porter) and has been given hell by every B/B+ type fighter. Broner has gotten a series of tight decisions. Including victories over Emmanuel Taylor. In his first fight at 147lbs, he received a decision over Malignaggi, I scored it for Malignaggi. 115-113. Early on he received the benefit of a close decision in a 50/50 type fight with Daniel Ponce De Leon. Go back and YOUTUBE his fight with Fernando Quintero, a 19-year-old Adrien Broner had a major problem with Quintero and received an absolute gift decision over the game Quintero which aired on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights in 2009 and if you haven’t seen it here, feel free to score it.

Broner could just as easily have five losses or so on his record.

Adrien Broner is certainly no longer a kid or a prospect at a mature 27, he is still looking for a signature win and an identity. He had tremendous power at 130, at 147 it certainly leaves much to be desired. He goes into prolonged periods of inactivity and throws almost nothing for extended periods of time. Getting inside on the quick Broner is not a difficult task at all and working his body is almost easy. He was supposed to be a defensive specialist but gets hit way too much even by guys like Gavin Reese. He gives away rounds due to what appears to be the lack of effort and careless defense.

His antics have grown old and his constant attempts to be Floyd Mayweather are tiring and sad. Get your own personality AB!! He calls himself “About Billions” yet shops at Wal-Mart. Nothing wrong with Wal-mart but wouldn’t he have a personal shopper if he had billions? It’s old and not the least bit entertaining. One title he certainly has earned is the least funny fighter in the world. He is the pound for pound king of that.

I scored the fight for Broner over Granados 96-94. The fight could have gone either way there was more toss up rounds that could have gone to Broner or Granados then there were clear cut rounds. The judge that scored it 97-93 for Granados certainly wasn’t wrong it was that kind of fight. This brings up the obvious fact Broner is facing, he has a major problem. Although the Granados fight was certainly entertaining it does very little in elevating his stock he is fighting at 140/147 and there is an embarrassment of riches at and around that weight. Ranking him amongst the best fighters at and around 147, is a difficult task. Is there anyone he could take? Spence, Crawford, Pac, Thurman, Brook, Bradley would all handle him. Obviously, Porter had no problem with him. AB is overhyped and the once promising career is now derailed and mostly irrelevant until he can add a real name to his resume.


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