Who is the Greatest Mexican Fighter of All-Time


Throughout the history of boxing, few countries have had as much passion for the sport as Mexico and their relentless blood and guts warriors. They have always had a special place in their sport’s illustrious history. The country has always served a breeding ground of incredible high desired talent. Ranking the top overall fighters from Mexico is a nearly impossible task, but I shall give it my best effort.

My favorite Mexican fighters of all-time are Erik Morales and Antonio Margarito, while both Tijuana-based fighters had tremendous heart and made some of the most TV-friendly fights neither probably qualifies as the finest Mexican fighter.


The most popular answer to this question would probably be Julio Caesar Chavez he did start his career an amazing 89-0. I am going to go in a different direction. Perhaps we’d be best off asking the Mexicutioner, Manny Pacquiao, who earned this nickname despite “losing” all four fights and to Marquez and having his ears boxed in by Erik Morales.

The greatest Mexican fighter of all time, and I am going to put an asterisk next to that one, because we never saw the best of Salvador Sanchez, who already had amazing victories over  Juan Laporte and Azumah Nelson. Sanchez was on the fast track to not just being the best Mexican fighter of all-time but also the best featherweight of all-time. When we lost him at the young age of 23, just entering his prime.  In the 20 + year career of Juan Manuel Marquez, it was truly something to behold it. He dominated multiple weight classes. Outside of one fight to Floyd Mayweather, at 36 years old and 12 pounds above his natural weight at that time he has never been out boxed. He did this ducking no one, defeating the likes of Smoke Gainer, Orlando Salido, Marco Antonio Barrera, Joel Casamayor, and as recent as 2 years ago he took apart Mike Alvadoro at the age of 40. Oh yea, and not to mention he defeated this guy named Pacquiao four times including giving him a beating so bad he still hasn’t woken up from.


Dinimita dominated by being an excellent defensive fighter, he was one of the best counter-punchers in this or any era,  he had amazing ring generalship and a very underrated ability to crack, Pacman will attest to that. Marquez may not have been the most TV friendly fighter or the most typical, pressure fighter we are accustomed to seeing , but in a country that has an unprecedented amount of great fighters, Juan Manuel Marquez stands as number one, with one possible asterisk for Salvador Sanchez who had the ability to hold this undisputed crown, but was unfortunately lost way too soon. Let me know what you think? Who is the greatest Mexican fighter of all-time, give me your short list.


2 thoughts on “Who is the Greatest Mexican Fighter of All-Time

  1. Marquez defeated Pacquiao 4x I’m guessing you don’t recognise the official results then, for me I’d be looking at Chavez Barerra Morales Marquez all great fighters.


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