The New and Improved Abner Mares

Abner Mares is back baby! The newly crowned featherweight champion has always been one of my fighters to watch. An action fighter who throws a ton of punches and has very underrated boxing skills  and somewhat slick moving skills. Mares will hit you with his self-proclaimed “Mexican Judo style” Ju dunno if I am going to box or ju dunno if I’m going to slug”

Mares is as a complete offensive fighter as they come. Very solid boxing skills which have been tuned and shored up by trainer Robert Garcia tremendous combinations, great ability to mix it up, lots of punches in bunches, very good power in both hands, and lead right hands and hooks, is going to give anyone a handful. Mares hasn’t had a really big time win since late 2012  and early 2013 when he beat Anselmo Moreno and Daniel Ponce de Leon. About three and a half, four years ago. A first round destruction at the hands of Jhonny Gonzalez and a decision lost Leo Santa Cruz  in recent years has derailed the career of his once upstart career. The young upstart is now, believe it or not, 31 years old. In his win over Jesus Cuellar, Mares was able to put it all together again. He was landing lead rights , and devastating left hooks, improved foot movement, and a love to mix it up again.
Cuellar having beaten Darchinyan, Rico Ramos,Cl,audio Marrero  and a destruction of Juanma Lopez, some credible challengers and Cuellar is a legitimate champ and no push over. Mares took control late in the fight and scored an 11th round knockdown that seemingly put the fight out of reach for Cuellar on points in a fight that was fairly close going into the championship rounds. I had a final scorecard of 116-111 for the challenger as did most of the world saw it around that. The lone  exception was Judge Kermit Bayless who scored it 115-112 for Cuellar, it’s too bad he feel asleep he missed a hell of an action fact pact fight.
What’s next for Mares? Gary Russell Jr. hopefully let’s get that on for 2017. Although I would pick Russell Jr. to win that fight I would enjoy the hell out of it. If that can’t be made I would love to see Mares try to solve the Rigondeaux puzzle, he is always looking for someone to fight. Give me your take on the new Mares who should he fight next? How would he do against Russell or Rigondeaux.

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