Pep VS Morales

Legendary Fight Night II
We will break down how a dream fight would take place between two legends of the ring if they were to square off for a dream fight while in the height of their primes. Today we examine the hypothetical match-up Willie Pep VS Erik Morales for the Featherweight title.
We are using a 1946 Version of Pep that KO’d Sal Bartolo
Erik Morales  circa 2005  version that decisioned  Manny Pacquiao.
Tale of the Tape
Pep      VS   Morales
Age -23              29
Weight-126     130
Height-5’5           5’8
Reach- 68           72
Round 1-  Morales comes out like a bull but Pep is able to avoid the Morales attack. Pep starts using his jab and movement to pepper El Terrible. Terrible does land a solid right about mid -way through the first that catches Pep’s attention,  Pep gets back on his horse and continues jabbing and moving. Morales is the aggressor and landed the best shot of the round but Pep is landing more often and making Morales chase him around the ring. tough round to score
As round 2 starts Pep settles in and begins to frustrate morales, sticking a double jab and getting out of the way of the stronger, hard-hitting Mexican. From rounds 2-4 Pep begins to pile up the rounds. Morales isn’t hurt but he is getting frustrated with the movement and defensive skills  of Pep the slickster.
Round 5 starts were the other rounds left off.  Until about mid way through the round  and morales lands a straight right that buckles Pep, and a left hook that nearly floors him, Pep grabs on and holds on. Continuing to tie morales up as he tries to get his legs underneath, he spends the rest of the round tying up and clinching. Round 6 starts with Pep jabbing and moving as he gets comfortable again and morales stuns him again with a right hand and digs Pep with an upper- cut and puts Pep on his heels again Morales is adding in good work to the body as Pep tries to tie him up, as the bell rings Morales has fought his way back into the fight. Pep’s trainer Bill Gore is in his face screaming that he is throwing the fight away and is fighting Morales’ fight warns him if he keeps this up he’s going to stop the fight.
As round 8 Starts Pep get back to business sticking moving and avoiding the big shots and heavy work load of Morales. Sticking one to two jab combinations and getting out of the way. He is using the same boxing/moving skills as he takes control of the fight again and begins to frustrate Morales. As round 11 begins Pep is beginning to out class the slower Morales and has built up which seems to be a comfortable lead on the cards and is winning round 11 when El Terrible strikes again, a hook to the body and a straight right hand that catches Pep on the temple and floors him with a minute to go in the round. Pep stumbles to his feet at an 8 count. He is able to move and clinch out the remainder of the round.
In the 12th and final round, Pep is clearly on his bicycle and Morales is stalking, but not landing, with Pep moving around throwing out jabs that land here and there but using every inch of the round to avoid Morales, who attempts continue to come up fruitless.  Pep spends the round running but avoids all of Morales’s attacks and lands a couple of jabs and slapping rights.
Harold Lederman has it unofficially 115-112.
We send it  to Michael Buffer
Gale Van Hoy scores it 114-114 Even
Glenn Feldman Scores it 116-111
Duane Ford Scores it 116-111
For the Winner by Majority Decision from  Middletown, Connecticut the Will O’ the Wisp Willie Pep
willie-pep   032312-morales-pacquiao-wh-310

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