Keith Thurman Gets it Right… One Time

Completely overrated and over hyped puncher, One Time Keith Thurman finally gets it right, and I don’t mean in the ring with his sloppy. overrated power and boxing skills. He wrote a letter to boxing fans and proclaimed that boxing wasn’t  dead and One Time got it right. Boxing has been proclaimed to be dead since 1908, when Jack Johnson became the first ever black heavyweight champion of the world and the media proclaimed  that the sophisticated fight fan wouldn’t accept that. Boxing has been proclaimed to be dead or dying  year after year for  over a century. It was declared dead by a wrestling promoter in 1947 that said Boxing was desperate to get some of its purses, boxing has been declared dead over and over again, and that the UFC has killed it, which is bizarre, I hear this argument all the time but I never see a sizeable crossover between sweet science fans and UFC fans. UFC probably has more crossover fans with NASCAR, pro-wrestling and the Jerry Springer show than it does with boxing. Just last year the sport of Boxing put on the biggest sporting event in the world of sports, that wasn’t in the 20’s or an Ali fight in the 70’s. This was a Boxing match in May of 2015, not bad for a sport that has been dead for well over 100 years, eh. Keith Thurman said “Fights are fights. You put two athletes in a 16-by-16-foot ring and may the best man or woman win. That’s boxing”. That could not be more true, consider this analogy, you arrive at an intersection, and there are four corners, at corner 1, there is a pick-up game of basketball, at corner 2, someone is chipping golf balls on a patch of grass, on corner 3 there is a bunch of guys shagging fly balls and taking batting practice, on the 4th corner there is a fist fight. Which corner is going to draw the crowd? Well, we all know the answer to that. Think about this, Stephen Curry carries out Andre Ward’s belt to the ring, Kobe Bryant tries to get into Wild Card to watch Pac train. Pacquiao doesn’t beg Kobe to let him in to watch him at a shoot around Ward doesn’t chase down balls for Steph Curry dying  Golden State Warriors lay-up drills. Boxing is king, because fighters are legends and legends never die. Keith Thurman got it exactly right, one time!


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