Holyfield Vs Marciano

Legendary Fight Night I
We will break down how a dream fight would take place between two legends of the ring if they were to square off for a dream fight while in the height of their primes. Today we examine the hypothetical match up Rocky Marciano VS Evander Holyfield for the cruiserweight title at a contracted weight of 190 lbs.
We are using Marciano a 1952 Version of Marciano that KO’d Jersey Joe Walcott
Evander Holyfield circa 1987 version who KO’d Dwight  Muhammad Qawi.
Tale of the Tape
Holyfield      VS  Marciano
Age -25              29
Weight-187         184 1/2
Height-6’1            5’10
Reach- 78           68
Round 1- Holyfield comes out strong landing a stiff jab and a right to the head of Marciano, Marciano slipping and hooking his way to the inside and Holyfield is able to tie up Marciano on the inside and push him back.Holyfield is able to fight off and tie up most of Marciano’s aggression. Marciano aggression starts to pay off and he hurts Evander to the body and backs him up. Evander is able to tie up Marciano to avoid further punishment but he felt it. Right before the bell Evander lands a right that rocks Marciano and Marciano fired back after the bell and Evander lands very late as the ref comes in to separate both fighters and warns both of them.
The early rounds Evander is able to tie up and frustrate the Rock, landing  jabs and tieing up racking up the points, Marciano is able to get in and land a few body shots and hooks to the head but in the first 4 rounds Evander is winning on points and using his reach advantage to be the difference maker.
Round 5 is a different tune, Evander gets a firm warning for clinching. After the break both fighters jab and Marciano is able to jab his way in and lands a left hook to the body and a blistering right to the head that drops Holyfield, he slowly rises to his feet at an 8 and a half count. His legs aren’t underneath him but he continues. Marciano bull rushes him and is landing and hurting Evander who is fighting for life, and grabs and holds, Referee Mills Lane says last warning Evander, hold again and I am taking a point, with no option that warriors heart comes out and the two trade in the center of the ring Evander lands some good shots but is buckled again by another right hand but is saved by the bell.
Evander comes out for 6 and is able to use his jab and his huge reach advantage to keep the Rock off of him and survive finding this strategy useful Evander keeps to this strategy throughout rounds 7 through 9.Building up a lead on points. To start round 10 Marciano begins again to get to Evander and hurts him to the body again and Evander holds on and lands an uppercut that buckles the rock and he thinks he has got Marciano hurt and attempts to jump on him, Marciano counters back with a straight right that stops Evander in his tracks and lands another right hand- left hook combo that drops Evander who gets to his feet and doesn’t seem too hurt and Marciano tries to go for a premature finish and Evander actually gets the best of Marciano for the remainder of the round.
Round 11- Rock goes to bum Rush the longer fighter again who is able to mostly avoid Rock’s attempts in a moment of in fighting Evander lands a quick short uppercut that freezes Marciano and a left hook that lands squarely on the temple and drops Marciano who bounces up immediately. An Exhausted Holyfield sees if he can finish Marciano who isn’t that hurt, Evander cautiously looks to close him out and Marciano catches the attention of Holyfield with a jab, right-hand combo, who then ties up Marciano and spends the remainder of the round boxing and avoiding Marciano.  Setting up the final round, Marciano comes out strong landing to the body of Holyfield and freezing him, Marciano pouring it on, Holyfield is fighting back like a warrior and momentarily stuns Rocky, but Marciano rallies back and wins the majority of the round  and gets the best of the action. Marciano won that round but is it enough, Harold Lederman has it 114-111, Holyfield.
We have a majority decision.
For the winner Evander Real Deal Holyfield

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