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Fight Doctor Predictions

Ricky Burns VS Kiryl Relikh – If you haven’t seen Relikh, I encourage you to go check him out, I hadn’t heard of him before the fight  but I looked into him. Why am I making a prediction on this one, well because it is going to be a fight! I expect Burns to dominate with his jab and movement in the early rounds before Relikh starts to get to Burns with punishing hooks that hurt Burns in the middle rounds that puts a scare into Burns. Burns will recoup and get back to dominate fashion by the 9th round or so and I see it looking like an 118-110.

Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Wilfredo Vazquez Jr- This one is guaranteed action and I am looking forward to the is all Puerto Rican battle Royale. As the fight Doctor sees an all action brawl, both of these fighters have lost most if not all of their major fights. Juan Ma has victories over Rafael Marquez  and Ponce De Leon, but he was not so long being primed for a P4P battle with Gamboa. That was somehow 6 years ago and JuanMa is now 33 believe it or not, but none the less this will be action packed as long as it last and I expect JuanMa to control most of the action and land most of the meaningful shots but Vazquez will certainly have moments and stagger JuanMa. Ultimately JuanMa will wear down and stop Vazques in round 8.
Tyson Fury vs. Wladimir Klitschko II- The first fight was interesting only in its outcome, I do think Fury rightfully won the fight but there was very little action, apparently CompuBox stats show a total of 138 punches landed. I am wondering if we can get a prop bet if there will be more clinches or punches landed in these bore fest. The fight doc sees the 6’9 Fury controlling the fight with crisp power shots and wearing down the now 40-year-old Klitschko with the fight being in the UK i think the decision will be even more 1 sided, i see it 118-110 twice and 119-109 all for Fury.


Daniel Jacobs vs. Sergio Mora, rematch, 12 rounds, for Jacobs’ WBA “regular” middleweight title- Jacobs is now 29 and ready to emerge as a superstar, as the old saying goes, if you knocked out him the first time, in the rematch you will knock him out again only, this time, quicker, but no one really looks great against Mora, and outside or Vernon Forrest, he also never really wins, expect a 6th or 7th round stoppage as Mora is able to avoid him early on but ultimately Jacobs will pour it on as we reach the mid rounds.


Richard Commey vs. Robert Easter, 12 rounds, for vacant IBF lightweight title- I really like this one and someone’s “O” has got to go. Easter is better known and looking for a break out performance. Commey is good damn good and also undefeated, I expect Commey to give him a ton of trouble with his jab and defense Easter will have moments in a back and forth fight, this will not be the breakthrough performance we were hoping to see out of Easter , but I think he will “earn” a hotly disputed majority decision, hopefully setting up a rematch.


Gennady Golovkin vs. Kell Brook, 12 rounds, for Golovkin’s WBA/WBC/IBF middleweight titles- In order for Golovkin to be P4P and a considered a great fighter he needs to beat the best fighters in his own weight class. Brook is among the very best in his weight class, unfortunately, he isn’t anywhere near GGG’s weight class, GGG will continue his KO streak I say in the 8th round,but this thing where a fighter jumps multiple weight classes has got to stop, it’s not good for anyone. Fight the guys at your own weight class, if weight classes don’t matter go fight Deontay Wilder next, oh is he too big? Exactly?


Carlos Cuadras vs. Roman Gonzalez, 12 rounds, for Cuadras’ WBC junior bantamweight title every time I watch Chocolatito fight it’s the Choclatito show, get your popcorn ready and get ready to witness more greatness, Carlos Cuadras, is an undefeated fighter and that will certainly come to an end probably by late KO call it in the 10th. KO for Chocolatito.


Yoshihiro Kamegai vs. Jesus Soto-Karass, rematch, 10 rounds, junior middleweights- Why I am a breaking down a fight no one cares about and even fewer people will watch, eh, because Soto-Karass always puts on an entertaining fight and the last time these two got it on it was entertaining as not to bore you with details of a fight that is marked on no one’s calendar, Soto-Karass will earn a bloody hard fought UD.

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