Pound for Pound Ranking



1-Andre Ward- He is undefeated has dominated the super middleweight division for the better half of a decade and has the best win on the board. Thus he is number #1.

2-Roman Gonzalez- So incredibly good and P4P the most fun to watch of this group. He has sensational victories over Viloria and Sosa but not sure if there is name in or around his weight class that can push him to #1 on this list.

3-Sergy Kovalev. He lost a 50/50 fight with the man who tops this list and no other losses to account for. So he can’t drop and more than the #3 spot.

4-Vasyl Lomanchenko- So damn good, do damn impressive in picking a part and litterally making a world class fighter quit. I’d Love to him fight Leo Santa Cruz and see how he deals with the constant activity and pressure.

5-Guillermo Rigondeaux- Actually my favorite fighter to watch, really he is. His defense is second to know with a rocket jab no one wants to fight him and its no wonder why.

6-Terrance Crawford- If Floyd is TBE he is TFB the future of boxing. So complete. He is in and around the most competitive weight classes, hopefully, 2017 will bring him fights with Spence and Pacquiao.

7-Gennady Golovkin- I have him lower on the list than everyone else. Still waiting for him to fight somebody good. If lil Floyd pulled this the haters would be up in arms.

8-Manny Pacquiao- Hopefully a 2017 fight with Crawford will show how much he has left in the tank, he is still a very good fighter if not a great one.

9-Erislany Lara- he has been robbed blind in fights against Paul Williams and Canelo, how much different would he be viewed if he got those rightful decisions, it’s been two years since the judge stole the Canelo fight and he has railed off 4 straight wins

10-Canelo Alvarez- 2016 bought victories against an undersized Khan and Liam Smith not bad. But he still is behind Lara because Lara beat him defeinitavly.

1-Andre Ward- Andre Ward is the best most accomplished fighter in the world, if we could wave a magic wand and make everyone on this list the same weight Andre Ward would be the best. He hasn’t lost since he was 12 years old, he rarely loses a round, hence he is number 1.

2-Guilermo Rigondeux- Outside of a flash knockdown by the Filipino flash he really hasn’t lost many rounds either. You can only win the fights you are in and he has done that, at 35 the only questions are, will anyone fight him and will he have enough in the tank to get to number 1?

3- Sergey Kovalev- I prefer the boxer over the puncher but he has shown flashes of brilliance in both categories, his upcoming matchup will either answer if he is too high or too low on this list.

4-  Terence Crawford-  America’s Next great superstar, power speed reflex timing and Defense, he has the flash skillset and power and is the right weight class to make a ton of money and become a mega superstar, lets get him in the ring with Pac-man or Errol Spence and see how great he is.

5- Vasyl Lomachenko- Similar to Rigondwux who would want anything to do it with help a master boxer a recent KO of Roman Martinez showcased his talent  at the mecca of boxing could a mega bout with Rances Barthelemy or Frampton be next?

6- Roman Gonzalez . Not often does a little guy get such big Headlines, Longtime P4P King said he’s the best fighter in the world and he is certainly on a short list.

7–Gennady Golovkin- Most have him much higher on the list, and his knockout streak is most impressive. But I have said for years now to be a P4P best you will have to beat the top guys in your own weight class fighting a top notch fighter 2 weight classes smaller won’t accomplish that.

8- Danny Garcia- The Rodney Dangerfield of boxing he doesn’t get much respect. I can’t understand why. He is willing to fight anyone and he is 32-0. Let’s hope he gets a super fight in the near future

9- Errol Spence- The Future of boxing looks sensational every time out, he will be at the top of this list one day, but he needs to test himself before that happened let’s get him in the ring with Porter or Garcia

10- Erislandy Lara-So underrated, think about he has legitimately beaten Paul Williams and Alvarez clearly!!!! Think about how much different his career would be viewed had he gotten those 2 victories he clearly deserved the demand for him and Floyd would be through the roof, and I think Lara would have been a handful for Floyd.

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